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Disclaimer: Still not owning anything beside a very, VERY masochist muse.

Spoilers: If you watch Fringe every week, you're good.

Rating: K+

A/N: I have absolutely no excuse for this...beside the fact that I'm evil, generally speaking. A few of these scenes were just floating around my head for a while, and today, I just wrote them all down in this little depressing fic. And when I say depressing, I do mean depressing.

Obviously unbetaed...and depressing, I think I said that. If you feel like it, don't hesitate to scream at me in a comment once you're done :D

It happens at Reiden Lake. His body, still lively and warm moments ago, is now limp and cold in her arms, his skin the color of winter snow, his cheeks spattered with ebony stars.Collapse )
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14 February 2012 @ 09:34 pm

Disclaimer: Still not owning anything beside a masochist muse.

Spoilers: All the way up to 4x12 'Welcome to Westfield'

Rating: M for the second part.

A/N: You could call this a post 'Welcome to Westfield' story, even though I really wrote most of it after 4x10 'Forced Perspective'. The whole Olivia/Nina situation really got to me, so I started this, needing to write some Olivia!whump and P/O hurt/comfort, and never finished it. The newest episode made me go back to it (and not just because of ze sex XD). It's still completely off canon, though, because I'm ignoring the last scene of 4x12 (despite its awesomeness, feels good to be right!), as well as the promo for 4x13, or I would have had to rewrite the entire thing (again). But reading this, you'll see that I'm really not ignoring the episode either :p

Posting it in two parts because it's huge. The second half is also being posted tonight :)

To anyone else witnessing the scene, Olivia indubitably looks like a startling and worrying mess as she enters the interrogation room.Collapse )
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22 January 2012 @ 10:55 pm

Disclaimer: Still not owning anything beside a masochist muse.

Spoilers: None really, unless you still haven't seen Jacksonville XD

Rating: T

A/N: So, uhm, I have no idea where this is coming from. I was just going through some Jacksonville caps yesterday, and next thing I knew, I was writing about their "date" we never saw at the end of the episode. I'm just slave to my muse.

This therefore contains season 2 P/O drama, and I regret nothing XD

Enjoy! Feebacks are always much appreciated :)


Unfortunately, she seemed unable to hold his gaze, as every time she looked at him, the dimness of the place disappeared, harshly brightened by the Glimmer still surrounding his body without a moment's respite.Collapse )
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Disclaimer: I seriously don't own Fringe. Otherwise, Peter and Olivia would be making their tribe already.

Spoilers: Up to 4x08 'Back to Where You've Never Been'. Mild spoiler for something that should be happening in a future episode.

Rating: K+

A/N: This morning, I felt the urge to write something P/O, anything, really, because Friday's episode just made a mess out of me. So this is a small oneshot without any real plot.

I don't know if you guys keep track of spoilers or not, but on tumblr, there was an information going around, about something being filmed, so it inspired something in this story. I won't tell you what, but if you're trying to remain spoiler free, I guess you should stay away. But mostly, this was simply inspired by what the show has been giving us, when it comes to P/O this season. I just miss these two together atrociously, it's not even funny.

This isn't beta-ed, so I apologize for any mistake.

He often feels her well before she comes into view, or before his gaze finds her. But he knows she's here, in this dreamscape, always within his reach. He just has to find her.Collapse )
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A/N: Here's the second part :)

It is rated M.

It was not about what was wrong, but what felt right.Collapse )
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Disclaimer: As usual, I don't own anything, not even ovaries. They disappeared somewhere along the way while writing this fic.

Pairing: Oliva/Altlivia aka O² aka Crack!Ship of Awesome. With some necessary P/O in the background (and a mention of Leeham XD)

Spoilers: Up to 4x03 'Alone In The World'

Summary: One night, a hotel room, two Olivias. One of them is drunk, the other is not

Rating: This part is K+...second part is M :p

A/N: You know how sometimes you get a crazy ideas in the middle of the night, and you decide to start writing it just for the fun of it, and it turns into a huge monster? Well, that's the story of my life.

Anyway, this is obviously not my usual paring. This, my dears, is my guilty pleasure!ship. I can't help it, Anna Torv is just so good at creating sexual tension with herself. And I love the Olivias.

This story is split into two parts, because it's just giant. Also, the first part in just full of UST, nothing serious. You don't have to read the Serious in Part 2 if it irks you XD

That's when I stop rambling and let you read! Enjoy :)

If there was someone Olivia did not expect to see standing on the other side of her hotel room's door when she looked through the peephole at 2.30am, it was her Alternate. She was even more taken aback when she opened the door, and a simple look at her face was enough to let her know that she was drunk.Collapse )
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A/N: Here we go, last installment of 'In Reverse'.

I call this part 'Part Zero', I think you'll understand why. Warning you, this is not exactly happy.

Previous parts: I. // II. // III. // IV. // V. // VI. // VII. // VIII. // IX. // X. // XI. // XII. // XIII. // XIV. // XV. // XVI. // XVII. // XVIII. // XIX. // XX.

One can go to unimaginable lengths to save a loved one.Collapse )